Coordination: Psychotraumatology Project

"Anne articulates the information well with the partner institutions, which contributes to good teamwork. She is easy to relate to, she masters the contents and transmits safety."

Carla Vilma Jandrey, IECLB Secretary of Community Action, 37 years old, from Porto Alegre, Brazil

Coordination: Psychotraumatology Project
This Psychotraumatology Project consists of a two-year training course in Psychotraumatology, Neurobiology, Attachment and Traumapedagogics for 34 Brazilian social workers who work with children, youngsters and their families in social projects in the violent slum areas of São Paulo and Porto Alegre. The primary goal of this project is to empower the local social workers, both professionally and personally. The secondary goal is to support the children, the youngsters and their families who are assisted by these social workers. In so doing, the project aims to interrupt and prevent the vicious cycle of violence. The project also prepares its participants with a view to broadening the content of the training to other organizations and projects through further training sessions and seminars.

The coordination of this project includes: needs analysis, preparation, the training itself, art workshops, supervision of peer groups and individual participants, logistical organization, (financial) reporting and evaluation.
The main goal of the coordination of this Psychotraumatology Project is to organize a successful two-year training course in Brazil, including its preparation, implementation and evaluation. A further goal is to build bridges among three different partner organizations from Germany and Brazil.
From April 2014 till December 2014 (needs analysis & project proposal):
- needs analysis with the social workers at different IECLB social projects
- art workshops with the teams from the social projects
- art workshops with the children and youngsters from the social projects
- written project proposal, including the project budget

From December 2014 till August 2015 (preparation):
- development and adjustment of the training to Brazilian reality and context
- coordination of the translation of the training material
- logistical organization of the training

From August 2015 till November 2017 (implementation):
- coordination and organization of nine 3-day modules in two cities
- co-training of all modules together with the German trainers
- three art workshops per module, related to the theme of each module
- supervision of the peergroups and individual participants in parallel with the different modules
- coordination and reporting of the project budget

In November & December 2017 (evaluation):
- evaluation of the results and effects of the 2-year training course
- planning the future of the project


From April 2014 till December 2017


Porto Alegre & São Paulo, Brazil


Foundation Wings of Hope Germany Evangelical Church of the Lutheran Confession in Brazil (IECLB) Center for Psychotraumatology and Traumatherapy Niedersachsen (ZPTN)