"Aware of how happy and lucky I was to grow up in a loving family in a peaceful country, I am determined to contribute to the happiness of children who have not been as fortunate."

Anne van den Ouwelant, owner of Anne/s Art Therapy & Trauma Support, 38 years old, from The Netherlands

Anne van den Ouwelant is a freelance Trainer in Art Therapy & Trauma Support in (post)conflict areas. She is a Trauma Consultant, Art Therapist, TRE Provider, Cultural Anthropologist and Project Developer & Coordinator.
In December 2014, Anne founded Anne/s Art Therapy & Trauma Support. Since that date, Anne provides on-the-spot Training in Art Therapy and Trauma Support to local workers in (post)conflict areas across the world. She is specialized in trauma caused by (drug related) violence in South America. She also offers Training in the Kurdish Region of Iraq, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Germany. Anne is highly motivated to undertake travel to other (post)conflict areas around the world with a view to providing support to local workers.

In July 2018, Anne also founded Trauma Company, together with veteran Herman Nugteren. With Trauma Company, she offers Training in Trauma Support to teachers, counselors, psychologists, officers and volunteers in The Netherlands, as well as trauma-sensitive support to traumatized children, youngsters, adults and their families in The Netherlands.

Anne has completed her advanced training in Psychotraumatology, Trauma Pedagogics, Trauma Counselling and Trauma Support with the Center for Psychotraumatology and Traumatherapy Niedersachsen (ZPTN) and Wings of Hope Germany. She is also a certified TRE Provider (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises).

Since 2010, Anne has developed and coordinated projects on psychosocial support in countries affected by war and conflict. She has analyzed the consequences of extreme violence on children growing up in the slum areas of Rio de Janeiro. Anne has also researched how Brazilian youth and (former) drug soldiers cope with their traumatic experiences. From that research, Anne has developed and provided a training for staff members of a local NGO in Rio de Janeiro on how to support traumatized children and adolescents.

Since 2007, Anne has been working as an art therapist with traumatized children and youngsters in different settings in The Netherlands and abroad: from art workshops with adolescent asylum seekers in The Netherlands to art therapy for traumatized orphans in Nicaragua.