Supervision: international internships & researches

"You ask me critical questions, which make me think, but especially bring me closer to my feelings."

Carmen, art therapy student, 20 years old, from Leiden, The Netherlands, on international internship in Suriname

Supervision: international internships & researches
This online Supervision by Anne van den Ouwelant was offered to Art Therapy students following international internships and research programmes during their final study year. Two students chose to undertake their internships in Suriname: one within a foundation focussing on the resocialization of psychiatric homeless people, the other within a project focussing on improved education. Two other students travelled to Indonesia to research how to improve the leisure programme at a rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities.
Goal of this Supervision was for the students to regularly reflect on their working styles within the different cultural contexts, in order to improve and update those working styles. By doing so, the students discovered what is important to them and what they need when they work with other people, especially in circumstances they experience as difficult.
Besides the regular Skype supervision sessions with the students, they also wrote short reflections on each supervision session in preparation for the next session.


From February 2015 till September 2015


an online context


University of Applied Sciences Leiden