Training in Trauma Sensitive Support for education, school and daycare professionals

"This Training was beyond all my expectations. I really have a new view on my work. Great days, so much knowledge, easy to be implemented in daily life. "

Anonymous, German teacher

Training in Trauma Sensitive Support for education, school and daycare professionals
This Training in Trauma Sensitive Support is developed for teachers, teaching assistants, daycare professionals and complete teams of regular and special primary and secondary education and daycare centers.
The goals of this Training are for the participants to understand more about trauma, for them to understand better the (reasons behind the) behavior of traumatized children and youngsters. This improves the interaction between the professionals and the children, the children will feel better understood by them. The safety and learning environment within the school or daycare centre will improve and the overall development of the children will enhance. Furthermore, an important goal is to work with the professionals on their selfcare.
This Training in Trauma Sensitive Support offers psychoeducation with respect to Psychotraumatology and Neurobiology in a very clear, structured, interactive and dynamic way, using symbols to explain what is trauma, what happens in the brain when children go through traumatic experiences, what is their mind-set when they are in class, what is the good reason behind their behavior, etc. Also, there is extensive time for the participants to brainstorm on how to put this knowledge into practice, to express doubts and difficulties and to get supervision about specific cases. Last but not least, the participants will strengthen their own resources through different art exercises, which are also applicable with the children and youngsters they work with.


From March 2019




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