Masterclass in Trauma & Art for Trauma Therapists

"Trauma therapy is a wonderful approach; when put into a creative context it is magnificent!"

Anonymous, trauma therapist, from Germany, participant of the Masterclass in Trauma & Art

Masterclass in Trauma & Art for Trauma Therapists
When words are not enough, people turn to images and symbols to tell their stories. Art can open ways to insights, resilience and healing. This Masterclass in Trauma & Art is developed for trauma therapists and trauma consultants, who are curious to include art in their work. The Masterclass offers a broad introduction into the applicability and implementation of art in trauma sensitive work and in trauma treatment. It also focusses on care for the caretakers.

In March 2018 this Masterclass has been provided with great success to a group of 13 trauma therapists and trauma consultants in Ruhpolding, Germany, in cooperation with Foundation Wings of Hope Germany.
The goals of this Masterclass are for trauma therapists and trauma consultants to get a first broad idea about the possibilities of using art in their work with traumatized children, youngsters and adults, and to understand the neurobiology which explains the effectiveness of art in trauma therapy. A further goal is for them to feel confident in applying art and creativity in their work and as a resource for themselves.
The Masterclass in Trauma & Art offers self-experience with various art activities, methods and techniques, working both individually as in groups. It includes a brainstorm on (the applicability and the use of) these activities in each participant's field of work. The Masterclass also offers a theoretical background with regard to Art Therapy, Trauma and Neuroscience.


March 2018




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