Individual Psychotrauma Therapy

"It is easy to talk with Anne. She is caring, integer, careful and clear."

Anonymous, client, 38 years old, from The Netherlands

Individual Psychotrauma Therapy
As a certified Trauma Consultant, according to the Advanced Training Course in Psychotraumatology, Trauma Pedagogics, Trauma Counseling and Trauma Support provided by the Center for Psychotraumatology and Traumatherapy Niedersachsen (ZPTN) and Wings of Hope Germany, Anne van den Ouwelant provides Individual Psychotrauma Therapy.

Currently Anne is working with adults who have suffered one or more stressful or traumatic experiences and/or who are suffering from depression, eating disorders, panic attacks, unexplained physical symptoms, addictions, dissociative disorders or other problems, also when there seems to be no direct connection to any stressful experience in the past.
Individual Psychotrauma Therapy aims to effectively treat symptoms after traumatic events, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or personality changes.
- According to the principles of modern science-based Psychotraumatology, Neurobiology, Attachment and Stress Research

- According to the KReST model, which involves:
* body (K├Ârper)
* ressources (Ressourcen)
* system (System)
* trauma (Trauma)

- According to the four phases of the KReST model:
1) construction of a safe relationship between the client and the therapist, anamnesis, diagnosis and psychoeducation
2) stabilisation and possible preparation for the third phase
3) trauma confrontation, trauma synthesis and trauma integration
4) grief and reorientation

- Art therapy


From October 2016


The Netherlands


Foundation Wings of Hope Germany Center for Psychotraumatology and Traumatherapy Niedersachsen