Guest Lectures: minor International Health and Development

"Really fun and interactive lesson, in which I worked full of energy on my own pitfalls and valuations. Really useful preparation for our trip!"

Anonymous, student, from The Netherlands, going on a 3-months internship abroad

Guest Lectures: minor International Health and Development
These Guest Lectures on "Care for the health professionals" for Nursing, Physiotherapy and Art Therapy students are part of the minor study "International Health and Development". This minor study enables students to explore life and work abroad. They learn to work in multi-disciplinary teams in a multi-cultural setting during a research or development project in a foreign country. The minor aims to provide its students with a strong foundation from which to think critically about international health challenges and practices while exploring various core fields of international health.
With these Guest Lectures, Anne van den Ouwelant aims to raise awareness of the need to take care of your own health, as a (future) health professional, in order to give good care to others.
The Guest Lectures consist of active listening, individual art exercises, reflections on the art exercises in pairs (pairs undertaking internship or research together) and group reflections and discussions.

The Guest Lectures are part of a four-week programme, preparing the students for their three-month internship or research abroad.


From March 2014 till March 2018


Leiden, The Netherlands


University of Applied Sciences Leiden