Art Workshops: Summer Academy for intercultural Dialogue

"One of the best times in my life!"

Julie, SAiD participant, 20 years old, from Gaza, Palestine

Art Workshops: Summer Academy for intercultural Dialogue
These Art Workshops are offered during an annual two-week Summer Academy for Intercultural Dialogue (SAiD) for 25 young adults from 5 (former) conflict countries: the Kurdish Region of Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Germany. During this two-week Summer Academy, the young future multipliers try to search together, beyond ethnic and political conflicts, for ways to overcome hate, intolerance and violence. They learn about individual and collective trauma and its effects on societies; they discuss their own cultures and those of others; they master challenges together.
These Art Workshops aim to provide a safe space for young adults from (former) conflict countries, in which they can learn to express themselves through art and creativity, and to inspire and challenge these youngsters so that they look more closely at themselves and others.
The Art Workshops consist of individual and group art exercises, followed by reflections in the group, in which the participants may freely reflect on the exercise at hand and share their experiences.

The art workshops are offered over two days of the Summer Academy programme. They follow the annual theme of the Summer Academy, e.g. "Identity raises dialogue" or "The glimpses of the future lie in the images of the past".
SAiD participants are reflecting in pairs and sharing their experiences on their individual art exercises.
SAiD participants demonstrate their interactive art work titled "What is Now?".


From September 2014


Ruhpolding, Germany


Foundation Wings of Hope Germany